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A true-home enviroment style with 5 star amenities built with dogs in mind.  


Muddy Pawz Resort is a 24/7 doggie daycare and boarding resort where EVERYTHING I do is based on dog-first, my genuine compassion for dogs and their welfare. 

Its provides the familiarity of home and a real backyard which dogs prefer over kennels or a warehouse. 

Every dog spends their days on playing outdoors in a spacious kennel-free backyard or inside participating in enrichment games with other dogs, while maintaining structure in their schedule. 

Their nights are spent in a real home with couches to lay on and real bedrooms to sleep in and every minute of it with canine and human companionship and NEVER left alone. 

I  only accept a limited number of dogs daily ensuring my commitment to providing unprecedented care and individual attention to each and every dog.  Every dog is different and has their own needs.  I want your dog to have a special type of connection with me so it can feel at ease and be 100% itself like home.  

My life is your dog and allowing it to live its best life while at my resort.   



What We Provide

We understand life can be busy and complicated, which is why we provide a variety of services to make things easier on you and your furry family. Take a look below to see what we offer and contact us with any questions.

Doggie Daycare and Board


Your doggie will  socialize, play, and join in enrichment games,  in a safe and secure spacious backyard much like their own at home



Our resort is like a stay at "The Woodlands Marriott" for dogs. 

Interested in learning more about our services? Get in touch today!


                     Joyce Osborne - Owner



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24 Hours/7 Days a week

Come and Play

We are open 24/7 for all shifters looking for a home away from home for your doggies. 

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